Ms Right

Ms Right

How do you feel when you see a beautiful girl walk in front of you? Do you want to be courageous, go up and talk to her? I guess your mind is telling you to do so, but most men just don’t have the courage.

I totally understand it because I feel the same way. Why are we so afraid? It’s the fear of rejection. I also have the same fear.

What if she doesn’t like me? What if she thinks that I am weird? These thoughts are blocking us, and if we look at the root cause, it’s lack of self-confidence.

But the truth is if we are confident and say hi with the girl with a smile, most girls wouldn’t think we are weird and flirt, instead they think we are confident and friendly. 

It’s because, in this network era, people are getting more comfortable to communicate with people on the internet, but more difficult to communicate with people face-to-face, so it’s very rare if a stranger can talk to you politely and confidently. 

When you are confident and do what other men don’t dare to do, the chance of winning is a lot higher!

So, to make sure you are equipped with the right weapon that increases your confidence, I am here to introduce 5 stylish Casio watches that is under RM500, so you can successfully attract and date your Ms Right!

Casio MTP-1291BL (RM389)


When Prestige Meets Fashion

The first watch is the Casio MTP-1291BL. Why? The colour of it is so cool, the combination of gold and black colour shows that you are a high-class man.

Besides that, the stainless-steel watch bezel with numbers on it makes it fine art, rather than a normal watch. 

The genuine leather band feels comfortable when you wear it, so you can look classy comfortably. Not only that, but it also has 50-meter water resistance.

If your girl falls into the water accidentally, it’s time for you to show your man’s power and save her, but you need to make sure that you know how to swim at first.

It has a date display, 3 hands timekeeping, accuracy is ±20 seconds per month and approximately 3 years of battery life on SR626SW. In conclusion, it’s definitely a lot more worth than its price. 

Casio MTP-1374D-1A (RM345)


When Classic Meets Classy

Casio MTP-1373D-1A is one of the classiest watches in this price. When you wear this watch, there must be someone that asks you: “How much is this watch? It looks so nice!” And it’s really nice! 

Black colour dial, silver colour hands and stainless-steel band, what a classic and classy match!

Some girls love mature men’s charm, some girls love young men’s vitality, but if you wear this watch, you suddenly have both charm and vitality on yourself. That’s a huge advantage among all other men!

For feature, it has 3 hands (hour, minute, second) and 3 dials(date, day, 24-hour) timekeeping with ±20 seconds per month accuracy and approximately 3 years battery life on SR927SW.

For this price, this is the best design I can find.

Casio MTP-SW320D (RM459)


Special is never outdated

Casio MTP-SW320D has the most special design among these 5 cool watches, it has many rounds of numbers around its watch dial.

If you can find a girl that loves this watch as you do, then she is probably your Ms. Right!

Besides its design, it has 3 hands (hour, minute, second) and 3 dials (date, day, 24-hour) timekeeping with ±20 seconds per month accuracy and approximately 3 years battery life on SR920SW. It also has a smooth second hand.

So, when you wear this special design watch, it’s your time to attract the most special girl to you!

Casio Youth MCW-100H (RM359)


Functional, Practical and Durable

Casio Youth MCW-100H looks very identical with G-Shock, but it’s not a G-Shock, because we are not talking about G-Shock today!

The most attractive part of this watch is its black colour shows your man’s power, and its multi-functionality shows you’re a practical man.

It has 100-meter water resistance, 1-second stopwatch, date display, regular 3 hands and 3 dials timekeeping. Not only that, the accuracy is about 20 seconds per month and battery life approximately 3 years on SR920SW. 

If you are a man that loves outdoor activities, like hiking, diving or running and you love the practical watch, this watch is definitely for you.

I know that you will be much more attractive than this watch to women, but sometimes a timekeeper can be a chance to help your girls when exercising. Don’t miss the chance!

Casio MTP-EX300D-2AV (RM525)


Reliable and Stylish

I know you will say that this watch is not under RM500, but the design and colour are so cool, so I have to foul a little to put this watch in. The dark and light blue colour dial mixed with stainless steel strap, it shows the feeling of comfortable and reliable.

That’s the power of blue colour, it shows people that you are trustable. So, the girl will feel that you are trustable and reliable, so your success rate will be increased a lot more!

For feature, it has 3 hands (hour, minute, second) and 3 dials (date, day, 24-hour) timekeeping with ±20 seconds per month accuracy and approximately 3 years battery life on SR927SW.

If you want to be a man that women can trust on, this is your best design watch!

Final Words

That’s all 5 stylish Casio watches under RM500 that I want to share with you.

Of course, to have a true relationship and sweet love, you have to do a lot more, it’s not just about your outlook, but more about your internal, means your love, care, authenticity and a lot more. 

These 5 watches that I recommend for you are just for you to increase your confidence without spending a whole bunch of money. It's because the first impression is the most important thing when two strangers first meet.

If you can get a very good first impression, then the continuous part will be easier and enjoyable. I wish you good luck to date with the girl that you love!

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