Right Time to Buy a Watch in Malaysia

Every customer desires to buy a quality product at an affordable rate. Similarly, almost everyone desires to wear a branded watch to improve his/her personality.

Is it possible to afford a high-quality watch? Yes, it is possible if you buy a watch at the right time. You will get the right time to buy a watch in Malaysia as many companies offer a fair discount on their products for a typical time every year.

In this article, you will know the right time to buy a watch in Malaysia.

The Month of January  

November and December are the best shopping months as people love to do shopping and buying gifts for their loved ones on the occasion of Christmas. The quality products sell in abundance during these months of the year. You will see a tag of “Sold Out” on your favorite watches in these months.

However, it is not a permanent tag as you will see it get disappeared in January. January is a quiet month in terms of watch sales as many people would have already done shopping or they do not have enough money left to shop.

So, the demand of the products goes down in this month. You will see a huge discount offer from your watch brand in January. It makes it the right time to buy a watch in Malaysia.

Black Friday

Black Friday is another important time to buy your favorite watch which you cannot afford to buy in normal days.

In Malaysia, the Black Friday sale is held in November. You will see flash sale offers on your favorite products on that day. Some companies even offer 70% off on your favorite watches. In 2020, the Black Friday sale will be held on November 27.

Black Friday is known as the biggest shopping event in Malaysia and all across the world. If you shop wisely on that day, you can save a lot of money. Moreover, you can fulfill the desires of your life by taking advantage of the flash sale offers.

Independence Day   

August 31 is the Independence Day of Malaysia. The Malaysian watch sellers offer a fair discount to the public on their products to celebrate the biggest event of the country.

It is one of the best offers you will find on the internet related to buying a quality watch or more. It is the right time to buy a watch in Malaysia as far as the percentage of discounts is concerned. You get discounts on this day every year. So, plan your shopping by keeping this date in mind.

11.11 Sale  

November 11 is another important date to be kept in mind in terms of shopping watches online. The 11.11 sale is organized every year in Malaysia. The companies offer a huge discount on the watches on that day.

You are advised to make wise shopping decisions to save a lot of money. It is one of the best times for online shopping in Malaysia.

MyCyber Sale in September/October

MyCyber Sale is another important event conducted in Malaysia related to online shopping. The online sellers offer huge discounts (up to 70%) during this shopping event.

You should always look at buying your favorite products through MyCyber Sale to save huge amounts. If you want to buy a precious watch for your friend, wife, or any other family member, then it is the right time of the year to do so.

Ramadan Sales

The holy month of Ramadan is another precious time for online watch shopping in Malaysia. It is high time when online sellers offer huge discounts to attract more and more customers.

If you find a good discount on your favorite watch in this month, then you must grab the opportunity. To be precise, you will get discounts on your favorite products every month in Malaysia as there are too many shopping events in this region of the world.

Lunar New Year  

Lunar New Year is followed by Muslim countries and they celebrate it with huge dignity. Malaysia is one of the countries that hold online shopping event on the occasion of Lunar New Year.

It is also a good time to purchase your desired quality watch for yourself or for your beloved ones. The Malaysian e-commerce industry is growing rapidly with the support of the government. So, you can shop online in this country with the utmost trust.


Buying a product at the right time is the best way of shopping. Every country has some special dates for shopping enthusiasts. In Malaysia, you will find a lot of shopping events throughout the year.

From Black Fridays to 11.11 sales, from Lunar New Year to Ramadan Sales, there are numerous events that will help you to fulfill your shopping desires. Apart from the above-mentioned sales, you should also look at 9.9 sale and 10.10 sale.

So, almost every month, you will get an opportunity to buy your favorite watch at an affordable rate. It is the time of Malaysian Independence Day. Do not miss a chance to buy a watch at a huge discount from Watch Empires. Sign up for our newsletter to receive all latest promotions and new arrivals.


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