What is the fastest way to skyrocket your confidence?

When you are alone, lying on the bed at night, before you fall asleep, I believe that you have a million things flowing in your mind right? 

At the time, have you ever noticed how do you think about yourself? If you need to rate your confidence from 1–10, how will you rate it?

For myself, sometimes I will rate it 10, sometimes I will rate it 1. It really depends on what’s the situation. 

But a serious problem is, have you ever achieved any great things when your confidence level is 1? I bet no, at least I have never done that. When we are at low confidence, we can hardly do anything. What we want is just take a rest, not doing anything and maybe watch something funny or explicit.

So, that means when we have low self-confidence, we have terrible performance, we’re wasting time, we don’t want to see the goal we said we want to achieve because of the guilt. When we are at 10, we feel good, we want to do more and achieve more.

Since the confidence dictates so many things in our life, how can we increase our confidence?


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The simplest and fastest way to increase our confidence is from our appearance, because our appearance gives people the first impression before they get the chance to know and understand you well.

If you have a friendly and nice appearance, it gives people that you meet a good first impression. You are easy to get compromised and praised by people and that always let us feel good and confident. Even people don’t give you any words, you feel confident when you look good in the mirror!

No matter you want to improve your appearance a little or you want to look like the influencers who have millions of followers on Instagram, there are 5 elements that you can start to look into and change it.

  1. Hairstyle

A good hairstyle that fits your face shape can help you to show the best part of your face and cover part of your face that doesn’t look good.

  1. Skincare

Without good skincare, no matter how good looking your face is, your pimples and freckles will not look good on your face.

  1. Makeup

Makeup is kind of the latest “ninjutsu” in this world. No matter how does your face looks, a professional makeup skill can help you to look like a celebrity.

  1. Clothes Matching

Clothes are the biggest part of your body. Different colour, size and material clothes dictate how you look and how you feel. I think it is the most important part.

  1. Accessories

These are little things that make you special. It may be your earring, your bracelet, your ring, your watch or your hat.

If you really want to improve these parts, just go to YouTube and search “best _______ tutorial”, ex. best hairstyle tutorial, then looks at those first 3 most view videos. 

That will help you to improve your appearance a lot, giving yourself higher confidence and giving people a better first impression!


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The second thing to skyrocket your confidence is to improve your body, both bodies looking and body health. 

For improving body looking, the reason is simple, it’s the same as why do you want to improve your appearance. For your body health, it’s more towards emotional reason.

When we have a healthy body, we feel more energised, happier and all other positive emotions include confident.

Of course, the healthy and good-looking body doesn’t come in 1-day workout 9 hours and eating salads. It takes a longer time, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a few weeks to a few months to see the result. 

If you want the result lasts forever, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your lifetime.

I know that it’s hard, but it’s going to worth it when you see your bodies changed.

So, how do we have a healthy lifestyle? There are 3 pillars, which are sleep, exercise and diet.

  1. Sleep

You need to know what type of sleepers are you first (you can find out here), then make sure you sleep enough every day.

Normal people sleep needs to sleep 7–8 hours daily, but some people may need less or more hours than that, so you need to test out what time and how many hours to sleep are the best for you.

  1. Exercise

According to health experts’ advice, we have to exercise at least 3 hours per week. Of course, doing more is definitely better, but make sure don’t overwork until your muscles pain for a few weeks and couldn’t get better. 

For exercise type, it depends on what’s your goal. If you want to lose weight, then cardio or HIIT may suits you more. If you want to gain muscles, gym training may suit you more. 

Make sure you get advice from experts or do enough research before you start, because inappropriate exercise may have a serious impact on your joint or knee.

  1. Diet

There are many kinds of diets you can choose, like vegetarian, keto or detox diet. Every kind of these special diets have their special function and it’s not for everyone. 

So, make sure you get an expert’s advice or do enough research before you commit to a diet, because an inappropriate diet may cause a serious health problem. 

If you want the simplest way, just make sure your meal has every kind of nutrition and the calories intake equal to your daily burned calories. (you are what you eat)

Maintaining these healthy lifestyles is not like the appearance, you can’t achieve the body that you want in 1 day. So, remember, persistence is the key!

Mental Health

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This is the hardest part and it’s the most important part. I believe that if your mental health suffers, means you always doubt yourself, you are limiting yourself and you feel depressed, no matter how many people that think you are amazing, you will never feel happy and fulfilled.

This is also why some celebrities choose to suicide although they have all the fame and wealth that normal people could never have. It’s because they are suffering mentally. This is a very serious problem in today’s world.

With today’s technology, we are so easy to connect with people, but we are so disconnected with people emotionally than ever. 

So, how do we actually skyrocket our confidence? I believe it’s a huge topic that can be talked for 3 months non-stop, but I am going to give you a simple and actionable way.

This is the concept which I learned from Dean Graziosi in his book, Millionaire Success Habits, which is called 4C of confidence.

  1. Courage

Be courageous no matter what people say, trust yourself and step out the first step of the journey to get what you want, even you don’t know what will happen to you

  1. Commitment

If you said that you want to achieve the goal, commit to it. It’s not giving up when the journey is so hard, it’s figured out other ways to get to where you want to go

  1. Capabilities

If you really want to achieve some great things, the dream and persistence are not enough, you need to learn the skill you need and be resourceful to get all resources you need to be successful.

  1. Confidence

When you have done all 3Cs, you will feel confident. Remember that without any of the 3Cs, you will not get confidence. So, focus on those 3Cs.

For the mental part, it’s easier said than done, but if you want to get the unbeatable confidence, mental confidence is the most important part. It’s the key to help you get up when you are at the lowest point of your life. It’s the key to get into momentum and achieve the goals you want to achieve. So, don’t ignore it.


Here are all my tips to become confident. I am trying to make it simple. I am arranging from the easiest to the hardest, the quickest to the most time-consuming and the least important to the most important.

I believe if you have built unbeatable confidence in your mind and you don’t have a good-looking appearance and healthy body, you will still feel very confident. In the other way round, you wouldn’t feel confident if you only have a perfect appearance and perfect body.

The perfect condition is you have these three elements of confidence, then you can be confident from internal to external. But if you can’t, I hope you can focus on your mental confidence first, because it’s the most important one.

I wish you all to have the unbeatable confidence!



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