7 Important Traits of a Quality Watch

Personality is something that matters a lot in the life of every person whether male or female.

A quality watch plays a crucial role in the development of personality. It always remained a fashion to wear an elegant and eye-catching watch on the wrist.

However, there are some important traits that we should look at while buying a watch. In this article, we will discuss some important traits of a quality watch.

1. Material used in a watch

The quality of a watch is dependent on the material used in it. Most of the quality watches are made up of stainless steel and they are available at a reasonable rate.

Stainless steel is much better than ordinary steel. A stainless steel watch has some important benefits including resistance against moisture and perspiration. Moreover, this material does not produce irritation on the skin.

Similarly, the quality watches come in PVD coating in several colors including gold, silver, rose gold, and many more.

You should buy a watch that has a PVD coating. A coating improves the life-time of a watch. The color of an uncoated watch can disappear quickly due to the environmental effects.

You can also judge the quality of the material used in a watch through its weight. The weight of a watch depicts how solid the used steel is. 316 stainless steel is the most recommended material in this category.

2. Glass used in a watch

The watch glass plays a crucial role in terms of determining the quality of a watch. Sapphire Glass is the best in this regard. It stays clear and scratch-free even if you use your watch much frequently.

As far as the price of a watch is concerned, sapphire glass is the best watch glass. So, you must have to know about it when buying a watch at a reasonable price. If we compare quality and affordability, sapphire glass is a quality product.

3. Movement of a watch   

If you are looking to buy a quality watch at an affordable rate, then you must have to ask the vendor about the watch movement.

Most of the quality watches use quartz movement or a certified mechanical movement. The quartz movement improves the accuracy and affordability of a watch.

However, there are some brands that use Ronda, Seiko, and Miyota watch movements. These watch movements showed amazing results if used properly. So, you can trust these movements while buying a watch.

4. Water Resistance Capability of a watch

Water is one of the most damaging factors to the watches. So, a quality watch must have to be water-resistant.

A quality watch is 10 ATM water-resistant most of the time. You can wear a watch having 10 ATM water resistance even during swimming. The watches with 5 ATM water resistance can be worn during taking a shower.

Similarly, a watch with 3 ATM water resistance can resist only during washing your hands. You must have to read the water resistance capability of a watch mentioned at the back of it.

5. Look and Finishing of a watch

The elegancy and comfort level of a watch is an important trait that plays a crucial role in improving the quality of a watch.

A good watch is said to be the one that can be worn comfortably at the wrist. It should be finished well in terms of the workmanship. There is a huge difference between a quality and an affordable watch.

You should look for a quality watch at an affordable rate. A watch manufactured by a reputed brand always comes in great shape.

6. Leather used in watch strap

Most of the quality watches at an affordable rate have leather straps. So, you must have to check the description of the leather used in a watch to judge its quality.

The best quality leather is known as full grain. Top grain leather lies below the full grain leather. The difference between these two types of leather is depicted by the quality of hides used in them.

Full Grain leather is more durable as compared to the top grain leather. You will also find watch straps made up of genuine leather.

However, the leather used in them is not genuine. You are recommended to avoid those watches.

You are not supposed to pay a high price for a poor leather strap. Your watch is useless if its strap gets damaged. So, you have to make a good choice in this regard.

7. A quality watch is better than a cheap watch

You should know why you get a watch at a cheap rate. The obvious reason is its poor quality.

Apart from buying a poor quality watch at a cheap rate, you should go for a quality watch at an affordable rate. The traits of a watch are given at the back of it. You just need to read them to know whether a watch lies in the category of a quality watch or not.

So, always prefer quality at an affordable rate over cheapness. Buying a product at an affordable rate becomes easy if you have handy knowledge about the product. The aim of this article is to educate you related to important traits of a quality watch.


A quality watch has some important traits. You are advised to look judge the quality of a watch on the base of the traits mentioned in this article.

You should always buy a quality watch at an affordable rate. Never compromise on the quality of the materials used in a watch.  


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